Who we are

You may see some familiar faces from the old Lou’s Billow Beach or the Bridge Street Bistro. We were bartenders, side by side, for fifteen years at those establishments.

Unfortunately, both restaurants closed and we found ourselves unemployed and anxious.

Fate stepped in, and an empty clubhouse was united with two ambitious former bartenders. We joined efforts once again, and Martini’s was born!

On November 3, 2008, the keys were in our hands, and on November 17th the doors opened.

Without the enormous amount of help and support from much loved family and friends, this never would have happened.

We invite you to sit back and enjoy the picturesque view of the Redbrook Metroparks Wildlife and Natural Habitat Conservation Area (once golf course). The whir of the golf carts are gone, but the view is perhaps even more wonderful than before.

Try our delicious sixteen ounce Certified Angus Beef Ribeye, or the Teriyaki Salmon, prepared with mandarin oranges, tomato, onion, and a teriyaki glaze. You might try the Chicken Parmesan, hand breaded and topped with red sauce and mozzarella cheese, baked, and set on a bed of angel hair pasta. Sandwiches and salads are also here for you to enjoy.